College Fit

A strong college match is based on finding a strong Academic, Social, and Financial fit.

Choosing your college shouldn’t be about name brand or picking the school your best friend wants to attend. Nor is it about applying to a multitude of schools and attending the most selective of those that offer admission. Rather, it’s about matching you with the schools that truly fit with who you are as an individual. We’ll work closely with you to build your college list from the ground up, identifying what matters to you most academically, socially, and financially.

Deciding where to earn your bachelor’s degree is the most important decision of your life so far. Considering that more than a third of college students transfer to a different school while earning their bachelor’s degree, it’s worth the effort to choose right the first time. Our job is to combine first-hand knowledge of colleges and universities with an understanding of your unique attributes and life goals so we can identify your great college matches from the start.