The last decade has seen unprecedented growth in the number of English-taught bachelor’s and post-graduate degrees offered in Europe, opening a world of new possibilities for adventurous students.

Leiden, Holland. Students comprise 20% of the city’s population.

Picture yourself at the flat you share with students from three other countries. You’re in the heart of a bustling European city. You head downstairs, possibly grabbing a baguette at the cafe across the street before catching the subway to meet some more friends. Your options for how you’ll spend the day are endless! Meet up at the library on campus? Hang out in the square? Enjoy a cappuccino at a cozy cafe? Visit a world-class museum? Check out a popular restaurant? Join friends at your favorite club? Maybe you’ll catch a train to another European city for the day…or another country for the weekend! You’ll be studying in English, likely completing your bachelor’s degree in three years and gaining valuable international and life experience. And best of all for your parents (who, by the way, will want to visit you often), your education will probably cost less than a degree at a private college in the U.S.