I thought college applications would be an absolute nightmare. I was extremely late to the college research game and when I received a concussion at the end of October, my recovery and keeping up with school prevented me from doing almost any research. Luckily, Cynthia was more than willing to help me succeed in applying for the December 31st deadline. Within one month, I went from having zero clue of what colleges would suite me, to having a set list of schools in the first two weeks of December. I have no doubt that I wouldn’t have even thought about applying and being extremely satisfied with Babson College without her. Cynthia is kind, empathetic, welcoming, prompt and effective in converting your vision for college into a short list from the thousands to consider.

~ TD, Student – Babson College ’22

Cynthia made the college planning process a breeze! I came into it completely lost with no idea where to start. She is well organized and is very specific with what the student wants and needs. With a myriad of resources and information sources, I had no doubt that I was in good hands. She walked me through every little part of the process that I felt unsure of, from expanding my application list to scholarships to essays. After working with Cynthia, I feel more confident than ever about starting my college career.

~ PK, Student

I am extremely thrilled to recommend On Course College Consulting to anyone who is looking for college consulting services. Cynthia Seidel is very detail oriented with great communication skills and professional demeanor. She will be on top of your child’s interests and choices when it comes to college decision process. She will also respect the parents’ preferences and works well with the entire family. Cynthia is reliable, reachable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. The entire college decision making process is made easy when you get help from people like Cynthia.

~ KK, Parent

Cynthia patiently guided me through every step of the college application process and her help paid off – I was accepted to several direct-entry PharmD programs – with merit scholarships. She was very knowledgeable and discovered programs I would have never found on my own.

~ AS, Student

  Just last year, I wasn’t really considering working with a college counselor because I wasn’t sure how necessary it would be. However, Cynthia has proven me completely wrong. Over the past six months that I have been working with her, I have been made aware of so many different factors to consider when looking at colleges. Even better, Cynthia used my preferences on these varying factors to help me discover new colleges I had never even heard of before. Many of these new colleges ended up being perfect fits for me, ending up high on my list, and this just highlights one example of how she helps open the door for many new college opportunities. Apart from the great list of college fits, Cynthia was extremely helpful with other aspects of the application process, like recording extracurriculars and developing the essays. All of these are super valuable, allowing for a knowledgeable outside perspective on my application process, and helped me become more confident that I was doing all I could to maximize my chances of getting in to the top schools I’m applying to. Cynthia also provides really helpful and efficient technology that makes the process so much simpler and easy to navigate. Furthermore, she is excellent at communicating, whether it is in person or in the regular follow up emails she sends, and definitely makes sure to answer any questions or concerns that I may have. She always looks out for my interests and my family’s preferences to make sure that we are satisfied. Overall, I would recommend Cynthia Seidel and On Course College Consulting because of how personalized, efficient and helpful it has been.   

~ RK, Student    

As a parent, having an objective and knowledgeable advocate for my child was wonderful.  Cynthia has a great rapport with kids and knows the right questions to help direct the college search, guide them through the application process and ultimately allow them to select the school that best fits their needs. Our children have such great college opportunities available to them which can make the selection of where to apply and ultimately what to choose challenging. Having Cynthia as an unbiased advocate made the process much easier. Now that my son is away at college, it is a delight to see him happy with his choice.  I can’t wait to see him at October’s Parent Weekend.

~ JD, Parent

I highly recommend On Course Consulting. Cynthia demystifies the college application process, offering both clarity and encouragement. She’s positive, tireless and ethical, digging deep to find potential colleges that are the right fit for your child and your budget.

~ LL, Parent

Cynthia became kind of a Cinderella’s Godmother for our family, as both my husband and I grew up and got our education in a different country. When it was time for our child to apply to colleges, we felt really worried that something was going to be missed or done incorrectly due to our inexperience with the US college system. Thanks to Cynthia and her detail-oriented approach, wide knowledge of colleges both in USA and abroad, excellent custom-made system of tracking each student’s application process, our child finished everything far before the college deadlines. Cynthia reached even further with the main college essay help and arranged an English language teacher to proofread it and gave recommendations. I was always able to call or text Cynthia, and her calming and professional replies to my often panicked messages were really helpful. I always wondered how she could manage that level of stress that we had just shifted on her shoulders. Now, when it is over, every time we receive the confirmation that our child is admitted to a college (she applied to 9), I rush to inform Cynthia, as I know she would be genuinely glad for our child as if she was her own. We are really grateful to Cynthia and no doubt can recommend her college consulting services to anyone going through the college application process.  

~ OM, Parent

Choosing Cynthia’s consulting company was the best decision we made. As a parent I was worried that my knowledge about whole college application process wasn’t enough. Cynthia was great with my daughter all the way from the beginning to the end. Everything was done with professionalism and enthusiasm. We didn’t even have to check the application schedule because Cynthia was on top of this as well. We would do it again and we will with our younger child. Thank you, Cynthia for everything you’ve done for our family.

~ NK, Parent

When I first embarked on my college application journey, I was completely confused and overwhelmed. Knee-deep in long and perplexing forms and essay prompts–I was terrified. I tried to put off my applications as long as I could until eventually I knew that I had to face them. I was first recommended to Cynthia by a friend, and in my confused and terrified state, I was very thankful to have someone who knew what they were doing. Not only was Cynthia’s availability always amazing, she answered whatever questions or concerns I had thoroughly and promptly, went above and beyond to find schools that fit me perfectly, and provided detailed instructions that made my life, and my parents lives, much easier. Before I began working with Cynthia, I was convinced that the University of Washington was the only college for me. One of the most important things Cynthia showed me is that when it comes to college, I have options. She was able to find numerous schools that I was incredibly excited about and had communities and opportunities that fit my major perfectly. As I look back on my applications and essays, I am very proud of the work and creativity that I poured into them. I truly do believe that my applications perfectly reflect who I am as a student, and I know that without Cynthia’s continuous support and motivation, I never would have been able to accomplish what I did. I highly recommend working with Cynthia Seidel. Because of her, I was able to learn from my application process and create something that I am truly proud of.

~ AH, Student