Financial Fit

We’ve all heard the talk about rising college tuition…

The average COA at a private U.S. college in 2017-18 was $46,950.

The average COA at public in-state colleges in 2017-18 was $20,770.

According to a recent report by CollegeBoard, families actually paid an average of $26,740 per year at private colleges and $14,940 at public in-state schools.

Many private colleges now cost over $70,000 per year.

…but what’s the reality?

We hear about “full ride” scholarships, student loans, and people paying full price. The financial landscape of higher education in the U.S. is complicated and inconsistent.

We’ll work with you to identify budget parameters and choose colleges that will fall within this budget.

Knowing what types of financial aid and discounts each college utilizes, understanding how they prioritize and allocate need-based and merit aid, whether they follow a need-blind admissions approach, and whether they participate in a regional tuition discount program are all important factors in building a college list that meets your financial objectives.