Academic Fit

Finding the best possible academic fit goes beyond identifying colleges that simply match your grades and test scores. Rather, it narrows down colleges with programs that suit your long-term goals and objectives, whether professional or career-oriented. It’s important to choose schools that match your preferred learning style and level of academic rigor while striking the right balance between collaboration and competition.

Malcolm Gladwell – Zeitgeist Americas 2013

In his 2013 Google Zeitgeist Americas talk Malcolm Gladwell advises students to “never go to the best institution that you get into … go to the place where you’re guaranteed to be in the top part of your class.” His argument is based on evidence that we compare ourselves to our immediate peer group, with the implication that some college students will realize a better outcome if they choose an environment where they’re among the best academically. We’ll talk about this more as we narrow down your ideal academic.